Most college students usually don’t have that much money. Many of them believe that you are supposed to be a broke college student. Between classes and other activities, a lot of students may think they don’t have the time to make any money. That couldn’t be further from the truth. There is money to be made as a college student. My friends and I were never the typical broke college student. We all had some sort of part-time job or side hustle to help us get by. In today's post, I want to share with you seven ways college students can make extra money.

Part Time Job

Getting a part time job is the first and easiest way a student can make money. Some businesses such as retail stores and restaurants have flexible schedules for students. They are willing to work with you. If you go to college in a large city, there should be a lot of options for you. Another place that students can check for part time jobs is on their campus. Different departments should have work available throughout the year. To find out about those opportunities, a student should check the student resource office. Make sure you visit a couple of times each semester because the opportunities can pop up fast.


The next way that a student can make money is by tutoring their peers. Some students struggle with certain classes in college. If you are smart in a particular subject, then you may be able to make some decent money on the side. The number of people that a student can tutor varies. The bigger the school is, the more opportunities that they can find. Also, the subject that they decide to tutor matters as well. If you’re a genius at statistics or calculus, you would have a better chance finding students that need tutoring than if you were offering your services to people taking History 1101.

Working Online Gigs

Working online gigs is another way for a college student to make extra money. With sites like Upwork and Fiverr, the opportunities are endless. There are always people posting jobs or gigs that need help with. If you are great at design, freelance writing or copywriting, check those sites out. Fiverr pays you $5 per gig, but there are ways that you can make much more than that. Upwork's prices vary.

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Baby Sitting

The next way that a student can make some money is to babysit. Your network comes into play huge when looking for potential clients. If you know anyone with a child, they could be a future customer. They can also refer you to other parents that may be in need of a sitter. You can also check the wanted ads. Another way to find clients is by promoting your service on Facebook and Instagram. You can also make flyers and post them around your college town.

Donate Plasma

Number 5 on this list is donating plasma. As long as you pass the screening at the plasma center, you should be able to donate. I’ve had friends donate plasma multiple times over the years. They made a couple of hundred dollars per month doing it. For a college student, that's not bad. The process typically lasted an hour to an hour and a half. If you’re relatively healthy and not afraid of needless, this may be an easy way for you to make some extra money.

Online Surveys

Completing online surveys it the next item on the list. You will not get rich completing surveys online, but you could make a couple hundred each month if you are consistent with it. There are a lot of survey sites out there. All of them are not completely legit. Some of them will send you spam more than anything. A couple of sites that you can start out with are Cashcrate and Amazon Mechanical Turk. I can vouch for both of those. I've made money from both of them. Those sites tend to have hundreds of surveys that you can fill out. Some are easier than others. When I used to complete surveys on the regular, I would look for ones that took about 5-6 minutes to complete. Those didn’t always pay the best money, but if you do a few of them over time, it will add up.

As you can see those were six ways that students can earn extra money. Some were easier than the others. I've actually made money doing a couple of these things. If you're tired of being a broke college student, remember that there are options out there for you. You can do one of these side hustles and still graduate with honors.