Author: Aliyyah

Why You Shouldn’t Accept Your Parent’s Money to Pay for College

With the rising cost of higher education and the increasing amount of debt that students must take on to attend college, parents often step in to help financially. Although they’re coming from a good place, parents can often pay for their children’s college at the cost of saving for retirement. When this happens, students should refuse their parents’ money and find alternative ways to pay for college. The two main reasons you shouldn’t accept your parents’ money to pay for college are because your parents’ retirement is just as important as your college education and you have multiple funding...

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The Argument For Not Paying Off Your Student Loans Early

In general, financial experts recommend paying off debt as quickly as possible. Debt is a burden and something that should be eliminated in order to make room for other financial goals. However, student loans can be the exception despite the average student debt statistics indicating otherwise (they're pretty big). There are a few instances in which it makes sense not to pay off your student loans early and focus on other parts of your finances. Here are three reasons why you shouldn’t pay off your student loans early.You Need an Emergency FundAn emergency fund is a cash reserve set...

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