Author: Amanda Reaume

The Government Shouldn’t Be Making Money Off Student Loans

According to Congressional Budget Office, it’s estimated that the government will make as much as $135 billion over the next decade on student loans. While some people argue the method used to come up with that $135 billion figure doesn’t properly take into account the risk of economic turmoil, there is a good chance that if the economy does well in the next ten years the government will end up making large profits off the backs of student loan borrowers.So, the question everyone is current asking is should they be profiting off these loans?The Election Has People Talking About...

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Student Loan Debt Could be Reduced With Better Financial Education

Students today are graduating from college with an average student loan debt of over $28,000. While this is obviously a crisis that has many causes, there are some causes we talk about more often than others. If you follow news about the mounting student loans debt, you will most often hear people talk about the problem of rising tuition prices which is often blamed on things like the reductions in state funding for state colleges, overblown infrastructure spending on campuses, and bloated college administration budgets.   These problems absolutely contribute to the ballooning of student loan debt and we should...

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