Author: Latoya

Romantic Value of Higher Education

Many people pursue a higher education for a variety of reasons. For some, they want the college experience to bridge the gap between childhood and the real world. Some have a concrete goal in mind and want to pursue the prestige that comes from obtaining a higher education at some of this country’s more elite universities.  A select few aspire to become our next doctors, lawyers, engineers, or nurses. Then there are the rest of us who simply want to be able to find a damn job after graduating. The reasons are numerous, but after talking to a few...

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College Isn’t For Everyone

Back in high school, I’m pretty sure you can vividly recall there being a couple of different groups of kids. There were the jocks, the pretty girls, the pretty boys, the bullies, the college prep kids, and the jailbirds (many who had already seen the inside of the juvenile correctional system). Of course, I was grouped with the college kids, and I’ll admit – we thought highly of ourselves. If you were convinced that you were going places in life, you made every effort to overlook and dismiss foolishness from those who didn’t aspire to the same things you...

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I Want to Graduate With Debt

No one walks across that stage after 18 years and says to themselves, “I want to go to college and graduate with debt.” Seriously, no one in their right mind would say that, yet it’s exactly what many of us do. Regardless of the occupation or our reasonable chances of landing a job in our field of study, thousands of high schoolers venture off to college each fall with the hopes of receiving a higher education. Many of them are there to party. I’ll admit there was a lot of partying my freshman year, but more importantly, I was...

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