Author: Nicolas Chee

Student Loans Interest Rate Drops: Relief for Parents as of July 1, 2016

On July 1, 2016 those people getting accepted to college and those planning on applying for and taking out a college loan could breathe a small sigh of relief. Borrowing money for college hit an all time interest low on July 1. This drop equates to a half a percentage cheaper than loans from last year. The Skinny on Undergraduate Loans Let’s dig deeper into the drop for undergraduate loans and lending and consider it from all angles. Last year’s 2015 rate of interest for borrowing college funds was at 4.29%. The new rate brings in a loan interest...

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The History of the Student Loan: Times Have Certainly Changed

When I was ready to apply for college in the early 1980s, I was one of very few at my high school who planned on actually attending college. I applied to two schools and was accepted into both schools. I did not fill out one document that related to loans, assistance, grants, or work-study programs. Most of my classmates did not even sit for the SAT, and those who did, did not study or take any prep classes. Things were very different than now. My father paid for my school tuition upfront from monies earned through the Air Force...

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Social Finance’s Unique Social Approach to Student Loan Debt

Students looking for tuition loans or seeking to refinance or consolidate student loans in the past have known SoFi as a reputable lender with great rates, but it’s surprising to note that the financial group is also known for its numerous social functions. Times and how SoFi does business with its clients, are changing. Surprisingly, Social Finance, SoFi, has held over 300 different social events over the past year in order to drawn in young people who need private loans, refinancing of student loans, personal loans, or mortgages. The company calls its customers Members, and has goals to invest...

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