Study Objectives

There were two main incentives, or objectives, of this study. One of the first objectives was the ranking of colleges in each individual state by the average earnings per student worker over the school year. These rankings highlight which colleges are committed to providing opportunities to their student body, and they show which colleges provide the best opportunities for on-campus part-time work.

The second objective involved an analysis of part-time job earnings in several different ways. Differences in earnings between private and public institutions were analyzed. An overall comparison of the states, territories, and district for average earnings per student workers from all state colleges was undertaken in order to shed insight on regional earnings.

Key Findings

· 11.6% of schools reported providing part-time job opportunities to their student bodies.

· Of those colleges, 63.9% were private institutions while the remainder were public.

· On average, public school part-time student workers earn 8.4% more than private school student workers.

· Average earnings per student worker did not differ considerably by state.

· The average rate of pay is not correlated with the number of jobs in any given state, district, or territory.


Any and all data (aside from the student enrollment by state data) was taken and licensed from Peterson’s Class of 2015 Financial Aid data. All Peterson’s data is self-reported by colleges and updated to the academic year of 2014-2015. The student enrollment by state data is updated to the academic year of 2013-2014.

To be a part of this publication, colleges were required to fit a certain set of criteria. The first requirement eliminated colleges who did not report providing part-time job opportunities to their respective student bodies. The next requirement phased out any colleges that did not report data from the academic years of 2012-2013, 2013-2104, or 2014-2015.

Of all the schools from the original Peterson’s data set (4,236 colleges), 490 institutions fit the criteria. Forty-seven states were represented; all states except Alaska, Delaware, and Wyoming were included in the data set. In addition to these states, Washington, D.C. and Puerto Rico were included for a grand total of forty-nine regions represented.

The main ranking and comparison metric, average dollar earnings per student worker, was provided by Peterson’s Financial Aid data set. Since this data did not require calculation, only several spreadsheet actions were used to formulate the results.

Since private and public status was denoted in the data set, a private vs. public school breakdown was accomplished by sorting the college listing according to institution type. Since state of residence was listed in the data set, a state by state breakdown was formulated by sorting the colleges by state in alphabetical order.

College rankings by state were created by sorting the average earnings per worker from highest to lowest within each state listing. The comparison between private and public institutions was done by taking the average of all the average earnings per worker from both private and public listings, respectively. This led to a bar chart that displays the difference between average private and public student earnings. The state rankings were determined through the same method as the private/public comparison methodology; instead of a bar graph comparison, each state was ranked by average earnings per worker which led to a table displaying the top ten states by student earnings.

This study was conducted and published by Drew Cloud, the owner and administrator of The Student Loan Report.


Public vs. Private Average University Part-Time Job Earnings

Average Part-Time Earnings

Chart 1. This bar chart portrays a minor disparity in average university part-time job earnings per worker between public and private institutions. 

Number of Jobs vs. Average Part-Time Earnings per Worker vs. Student Enrollment Population by State

Average Part-Time Study

Graph 1. This scatter plot shows the relationship between the number of jobs and average part-time earnings per worker as well as student enrollment population (all by state). There is no clear relationship between average earnings per worker and number of jobs while there is a linear relationship between student enrollment population and number of jobs. Data points that are vertically aligned pertain to the same state.

Top 10 States by Average Earnings per Worker

RankStateAverage EarningsStandard DeviationNumber of Jobs
1Washington, D.C.$4,872N/A273
3California$3,566± $2,40310230
5Arizona$3,167± $7288790
6Washington$3,089± $9523505
7Louisiana$2,994± $2,3347363
8Maryland$2,988± $2,5091213
9New Mexico$2,910± $2,874886
10Oklahoma$2,859± $2,2226396

Table 1. This table displays the top ten states in terms of average earning per part-time worker at state universities. The rows with an inapplicable standard deviation only had data from one school.

Top Ten vs. Not-Top Ten Average Part-Time Earnings per Worker

Average Part-Time Study

Chart 2. This chart depicts the disparity in average part-time earnings per worker between the top ten states and the not-top ten states.

Top Colleges by University Part-Time Job Earnings per Student Worker


RankSchoolNumber of JobsAverage Earnings
1Tuskegee University416$4,755
2University of North Alabama509$1,603
3Samford University646$1,509
4Alabama State University506$649


RankSchoolNumber of JobsAverage Earnings
1Arizona State University at the Polytechnic campus682$3,794
2Arizona State University at the West campus503$3,454
3Arizona State University at the Downtown Phoenix campus1149$3,414
4Arizona State University at the Tempe campus5823$3,263
5Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University-Prescott633$1,912


RankSchoolNumber of JobsAverage Earnings
1Arkansas State University380$3,900
2Ouachita Baptist University129$2,060
3Southern Arkansas University-Magnolia341$2,044
4Williams Baptist College18$1,588
5Harding University1357$1,377
6Hendrix College260$1,369
7Lyon College3$700


RankSchoolNumber of JobsAverage Earnings
1Dominican University of California15$10,704
2University of La Verne1178$8,781
3Harvey Mudd College26$6,569
4California College of the Arts68$4,736
5Sierra College14$4,644
6Thomas Aquinas College250$4,450
7University of San Francisco1320$4,246
8Merced College131$3,456
9Mills College315$3,376
10California Institute of Technology37$2,740


RankSchoolNumber of JobsAverage Earnings
1University of Colorado Denver293$3,855
2Pueblo Community College254$3,500
3University of Colorado Colorado Springs265$3,406
4University of Northern Colorado614$3,114
5Colorado State University-Pueblo1109$3,000
6University of Denver237$2,985
7Naropa University11$2,455
8Aims Community College107$2,406
9Colorado Heights University35$2,400
10Colorado School of Mines1607$2,332


RankSchoolNumber of JobsAverage Earnings
1University of Connecticut4295$2,392
2Wesleyan University114$2,267
3Gateway Community College69$1,772
4Sacred Heart University775$1,030


RankSchoolNumber of JobsAverage Earnings
1Lynn University31$7,684
2Florida Institute of Technology7$4,512
3Saint Leo University4$4,361
4Stetson University64$3,518
5Rollins College2$3,500
6Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University-Daytona1752$2,527
7Daytona State College1$2,500
8Trinity College of Florida1$2,415
9Florida State University37$2,400
10University of Florida4488$2,038


RankSchoolNumber of JobsAverage Earnings
1Berry College159$4,592
2Morehouse College137$3,039
3Piedmont College272$1,777
4Emmanuel College192$858


RankSchoolNumber of JobsAverage Earnings
1Boise State University230$3,665
2University of Idaho184$1,824
3The College of Idaho21$1,104


RankSchoolNumber of JobsAverageEarnings
1North Central College48$10,821
2Northeastern Illinois University100$7,360
3Aurora University48$6,272
4Lewis and Clark Community College84$5,700
5Lewis University252$4,583
6Saint Anthony College of Nursing42$4,457
7DePaul University2393$2,641
8University of Illinois at Chicago2672$2,500
9Illinois State University51$2,462
10Eureka College136$2,231


RankSchoolNumber of JobsAverage Earnings
1University of Indianapolis163$7,468
2University of Notre Dame3345$3,161
3Wabash College442$2,802
4Valparaiso University842$2,104
5Calumet College of Saint Joseph1$1,928
6Goshen College48$1,725
7University of Evansville30$1,398
8Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology479$1,253
9Earlham College41$600


RankSchoolNumber of JobsAverage Earnings
1Grinnell College707$2,143
2Iowa State University of Science and Technology764$2,028
3Loras College190$2,000
4University of Dubuque160$2,000
5Luther College1045$1,984
6Morningside College331$1,529
7St. Luke's College3$1,500
8Wartburg College563$1,497
9Coe College212$1,453
10Simpson College434$1,380


RankSchoolNumber of JobsAverage Earnings
1The University of Kansas69$5,373
2Friends University234$1,792
3Emporia State University21$1,762
4Bethel College193$1,352
5Southwestern College73$1,220
6Newman University89$2,000


RankSchoolNumber of JobsAverage Earnings
1Transylvania University46$5,741
2Western Kentucky University1750$2,802
3Lindsey Wilson College17$2,480
4Morehead State University789$2,458
5Eastern Kentucky University1200$2,400
6Alice Lloyd College137$2,320
7Murray State University2126$2,095
8University of the Cumberlands11$2,095
9Union College9$1,500
10Campbellsville University30$1,200


RankSchoolNumber of JobsAverage Earnings
1Tulane University74$7,700
2Louisiana State University and Agricultural & Mechanical College4685$2,400
3Southeastern Louisiana University1093$2,372
4Louisiana Tech University1088$2,265
5Centenary College of Louisiana41$1,717
6University of New Orleans382$1,512


RankSchoolNumber of JobsAverage Earnings
1College of the Atlantic64$2,747
2Bowdoin College294$1,807
3Colby College156$1,755
4Bates College337$1,744
5Unity College18$1,222


RankSchoolNumber of JobsAverage Earnings
1University of Maryland, Baltimore County119$7,873
2Hagerstown Community College176$2,969
3St. John's College123$2,728
4Hood College102$2,000
5Mount St. Mary's University680$1,300
6Garrett College13$1,059


RankSchoolNumber of JobsAverage Earnings
1Emerson College77$12,864
2Suffolk University577$3,071
3Brandeis University17$2,918
4Massachusetts Institute of Technology1004$2,765
5Bay Path University53$2,550
6Williams College413$2,280
7Mount Holyoke College357$2,124
8Tufts University136$1,983
9Amherst College211$1,829
10Wheaton College266$1,805


RankSchoolNumber of JobsAverage Earnings
1Kuyper College100$3,226
2University of Michigan-Dearborn623$3,044
3Central Michigan University3895$2,544
4Ferris State University231$1,780
5Adrian College75$1,500
6Albion College98$1,437
7Calvin College1068$1,416
8Alpena Community College20$1,000
9Hope College562$848


RankSchoolNumber of JobsAverage Earnings
1Saint Mary's University of Minnesota274$4,592
2Dunwoody College of Technology24$4,477
3Saint John's University898$3,330
4St. Cloud Technical & Community College63$3,150
5Riverland Community College88$3,000
6University of St. Thomas1203$2,911
7Augsburg College825$2,892
8College of Saint Benedict1058$2,753
9Lake Superior College145$2,720
10Hamline University934$2,635


RankSchoolNumber of JobsAverage Earnings
1Delta State University126$4,348
2Belhaven University30$2,000
3Mississippi University for Women247$1,739
4Blue Mountain College54$755


RankSchoolNumber of JobsAverage Earnings
1Missouri Southern State University223$3,848
2Park University10$3,397
3Lincoln University82$2,668
4Westminster College169$2,168
5University of Central Missouri1474$2,165
6Columbia College179$2,108
7Lindenwood University3223$2,020
8Jefferson College98$1,861
9Missouri Valley College450$1,860
10Southeast Missouri State University1830$1,838


RankSchoolNumber of JobsAverage Earnings
1University of Montana31$2,776
2Dawson Community College33$1,583
3Rocky Mountain College152$899


RankSchoolNumber of JobsAverage Earnings
1College of Saint Mary14$3,650


RankSchoolNumber of JobsAverage Earnings
1University of Nevada, Reno362$1,470

New Hampshire

RankSchoolNumber of JobsAverage Earnings
1Dartmouth College577$2,483
2Saint Anselm College11$1,909
3University of New Hampshire3889$1,657
4Keene State College713$1,398
5Thomas More College of Liberal Arts45$1,324
6New England College18$1,252

New Jersey

RankSchoolNumber of JobsAverage Earnings
1Caldwell University200$2,500
2Rutgers University-Camden561$2,444
3Ramapo College of New Jersey798$1,928
4Rutgers University-Newark903$1,909
5Stockton University851$1,842
6Rutgers University-New Brunswick7704$1,787

New Mexico

RankSchoolNumber of JobsAverage Earnings
1Central New Mexico Community College300$8,000
2New Mexico State University401$5,696
3St. John's College106$2,880
4New Mexico Institute of Mining and Technology51$1,539
5Southwestern Indian Polytechnic Institute16$813
6University of the Southwest7$750
7New Mexico Military Institute5$689

New York

RankSchoolNumber of JobsAverage Earnings
1Clarkson University58$10,280
2Stony Brook University, State University of New York1456$5,773
3The Sage Colleges26$5,730
4Niagara University51$5,067
5University at Buffalo, the State University of New York969$3,905
6Hofstra University1454$3,088
7St. Joseph's College, Long Island Campus80$3,055
8Sullivan County Community College28$2,439
9Ithaca College1793$2,402
10Vassar College370$2,269

North Carolina

RankSchoolNumber of JobsAverage Earnings
1Saint Augustine's University4$2,500
2East Carolina University1873$1,910
3Duke University1028$1,899
4Queens University of Charlotte2$1,700
5Davidson College182$1,679
6Methodist University122$1,558
7North Carolina State University1384$1,536
8Chowan University174$1,365
9Catawba College179$1,343
10Gardner-Webb University51$1,260

North Dakota

RankSchoolNumber of JobsAverage Earnings
1University of Jamestown75$630


RankSchoolNumber of JobsAverage Earnings
1Columbus College of Art & Design288$3,550
2The College of Wooster135$2,959
3The University of Akron3308$2,788
4Denison University1439$2,702
5Oberlin College600$2,400
6Bluffton University212$2,396
7The Ohio State University40$2,257
8Cleveland Institute of Music33$2,018
9Allegheny Wesleyan College27$1,950
10Cedarville University1422$1,862


RankSchoolNumber of JobsAverage Earnings
1University of Oklahoma106$8,138
2Cameron University334$2,999
3Oklahoma State University4405$2,861
4Northeastern State University1005$2,225
5Rogers State University210$2,049
6St. Gregory's University31$2,000
7Oklahoma Wesleyan University37$1,385
8Oklahoma City University268$1,217


RankSchoolNumber of JobsAverage Earnings
1Northwest Christian University3$2,750
2University of Oregon58$2,559
3Linfield College445$2,332
4Lewis & Clark College112$2,254
5University of Portland1515$1,409
6George Fox University754$1,348


RankSchoolNumber of JobsAverage Earnings
1Susquehanna University99$5,945
2Allegheny College105$5,628
3Dickinson College188$3,738
4Villanova University28$2,946
5Indiana University of Pennsylvania1522$2,774
6University of Pennsylvania1394$2,655
7Gannon University198$2,300
8Thiel College300$2,063
9DeSales University277$2,043
10The University of Scranton543$2,018

Rhode Island

RankSchoolNumber of JobsAverage Earnings
1Brown University421$2,527

South Carolina

RankSchoolNumber of JobsAverage Earnings
1Coastal Carolina University1248$2,217
2Columbia International University294$1,868
3University of South Carolina Aiken424$1,397
4Converse College73$1,080
5Southern Wesleyan University61$853
6Limestone College90$673

South Dakota

RankSchoolNumber of JobsAverage Earnings
1Dakota State University20$5,988
2Mount Marty College55$1,785
3Northern State University316$1,287
4Augustana University107$1,000


RankSchoolNumber of JobsAverage Earnings
1Nashville State Community College64$3,600
2Sewanee: The University of the South193$2,136
3Maryville College37$1,981
4O'More College of Design12$1,810
5Milligan College176$1,613
6Jackson State Community College14$1,595
7Austin Peay State University466$1,494
8King University136$1,488
9Lee University628$1,405
10Carson-Newman University7$1,314


RankSchoolNumber of JobsAverage Earnings
1Criswell College16$7,200
2San Antonio College15$4,450
3Tarrant County College District87$4,160
4Texas Southern University25$4,000
5Texas Wesleyan University8$4,000
6Austin Community College District46$3,983
7Texas A&M University-Corpus Christi162$3,762
8Paris Junior College8$3,600
9Baptist University of the Americas103$3,476
10University of St. Thomas3$3,436


RankSchoolNumber of JobsAverage Earnings
1Dixie State University56$3,491


RankSchoolNumber of JobsAverage Earnings
1Bennington College81$2,300
2Saint Michael's College288$1,750


RankSchoolNumber of JobsAverage Earnings
1Virginia State University150$3,000
2Radford University458$2,351
3Shenandoah University475$2,300
4Christendom College150$2,100
5Christopher Newport University1429$2,067
6Washington and Lee University334$2,000
7Mary Baldwin College157$1,430
8Longwood University493$1,312
9Bridgewater College192$1,064
10University of Mary Washington646$976


RankSchoolNumber of JobsAverage Earnings
1Seattle University558$5,177
2Saint Martin's University173$4,078
3Pacific Lutheran University477$3,808
4Western Washington University508$3,518
5Bellingham Technical College22$3,171
6University of Washington167$3,160
7Whitworth University100$3,047
8Eastern Washington University183$2,468
9University of Puget Sound890$2,362
10Seattle Pacific University137$2,234

West Virginia

RankSchoolNumber of JobsAverage Earnings
1Wheeling Jesuit University133$2,400
2Shepherd University423$2,194
3Alderson Broaddus University107$2,175
4Fairmont State University674$2,074
5Glenville State College238$1,728


RankSchoolNumber of JobsAverage Earnings
1Carroll University1382$2,506
2University of Wisconsin-Whitewater2300$2,100
3Marian University329$2,014
4University of Wisconsin-Parkside34$2,012
5Edgewood College761$1,991
6Lawrence University398$1,760
7Northland College221$1,457
8University of Wisconsin-La Crosse1756$1,434
9Mount Mary University170$1,231
10Waukesha County Technical College230$1,018

Washington, D.C.

RankSchoolNumber of JobsAverage Earnings
1Howard University273$4,872

Puerto Rico

RankSchoolNumber of JobsAverage Earnings
1Universidad Adventista de las Antillas278$961