The average college student leaves school with a hefty total of $28,000 in student loan debt. When looking at the big picture, student loan debt appears even more harrowing. As of now, a grand total of 44 million college students borrow either private or federal student loans, and the combined total of outstanding student loan debt exceeds $1.4 trillion.

It is no secret that student loan debt is an issue, and anyone who reads about the topic can most likely quote each of the statistics mentioned above. The numbers seem to rise each year. Long story short, unpaid student loan debt is a big problem for the federal government and the average college student.

Following the student loan trend, college tuition rises every year. Factoring in the overall cost of attendance, the cost of higher education is clearly an obstacle for the majority of prospective college students. When considering the demand for college education and rising tuition, it is easy to see how the increasing necessity for student loans exacerbates the overall student loan debt issue.

In order to help college students pay for tuition and overall cost of attendance, the Federal Work Study program was formed. This program provides part-time jobs at participating universities for students in need of financial aid. The money earned by students is meant to go towards college tuition and cost of attendance. Full-time or part-time students are eligible for this program, and it is open to undergraduates, graduates, or professional students.

The Federal Work Study program has multiple benefits. First, it helps students pay for college themselves, so it lowers the need for student loans. On top of this, it also reduces the need to take out private loans for students after federal aid is exhausted. Second, it teaches students the value of hard work which is an extremely important lesson.

Using 2016 data from thousands of four year colleges, a study was run on the top colleges and universities that offer Federal Work Study opportunities. Below is a list of the top 250 colleges that offer the most Federal Work Study program aid to its students.  To be included in this list, a minimum of 100 jobs needed to be provided.

Putting the effort in during college can save years of toil with student loan debt after graduation. Hopefully, these results convey the power of working throughout college to pay for tuition.

Table Key

Average Amount Earned - The average dollar amount earned per undergraduate enrolled in the Federal Work Study program at that respective school.

Number of Jobs - The number of students working under the Federal Work Study program at that respective school.

RankSchool NameAverage Amount EarnedNumber of Jobs
1Reedley College$6,222134
2Marylhurst University$5,754117
3Houston Community College$5,500739
4Nashville State Community College$5,400188
5Nova Southeastern University$4,899998
6Howard University$4,656522
7Seattle Pacific University$4,555238
8San Antonio College$4,450104
9Wright State University$4,369990
10Saint Leo University$4,348392
11Austin Community College District$4,347181
12University of Utah$4,346312
13Monroe College$4,335173
14California State University, Fresno$4,323201
15University of San Francisco$4,1011330
16Minnesota State University Mankato$4,048433
17California State University, San Bernardino$4,028368
18Auburn University$4,003203
19Kentucky State University$4,001101
20Texas Southern University$4,000184
21Texas Wesleyan University$4,000126
22University of Missouri-Kansas City$3,963563
23University of Houston$3,9231431
24Morehouse College$3,906182
25Dixie State University$3,862195
26Academy of Art University$3,861124
27Seattle University$3,836489
28California State University, Stanislaus$3,815193
29Wayne State University$3,808380
30Southern Connecticut State University$3,790137
31Texas A&M University-Corpus Christi$3,725117
32Lewis University$3,7162223
33University of Colorado Denver$3,698222
34California State University, Fullerton$3,619265
35Prairie View A&M University$3,574662
36Waukesha County Technical College$3,574230
37Cleveland State University$3,552211
38Columbus College of Art & Design$3,550147
39The Citadel, The Military College of South Carolina$3,534116
40Western Washington University$3,533245
41Arkansas State University$3,500190
42Montgomery College$3,469217
43The University of Toledo$3,435366
44The University of Texas at El Paso$3,435308
45University of North Florida$3,417179
46Kennesaw State University$3,407175
47Saint John's University$3,330214
48Niagara University$3,325429
49Mississippi State University$3,311918
50University of Colorado Colorado Springs$3,303127
51East Central University$3,286534
52Texas State University$3,2421556
53University of Cincinnati$3,1951203
54Pacific Lutheran University$3,189675
55Marymount Manhattan College$3,168139
56Buffalo State College, State University of New York$3,155251
57University of South Florida$3,141732
58University of Oklahoma$3,123535
59University of Louisville$3,106427
60East Carolina University$3,099606
61The University of West Alabama$3,092150
62DePaul University$3,080522
63Naropa University$3,077168
64University of Washington$3,070504
65University of Puget Sound$3,011532
66Hofstra University$3,0051595
67Colorado State University-Pueblo$3,000686
68Riverland Community College$3,000132
69Greenville Technical College$2,997101
70Palm Beach Atlantic University$2,996204
71California Institute of Technology$2,991292
72Kent State University$2,964511
73University of Northern Colorado$2,956172
74University of St. Thomas$2,955862
75New Mexico State University$2,951215
76Pitt Community College$2,949103
77University of Pennsylvania$2,9453395
78Georgetown University$2,9432570
79Chapman University$2,9413023
80California College of the Arts$2,929716
81The University of Texas at Dallas$2,914260
82Baylor University$2,8895284
83University of Montana$2,8861667
84Johnson C. Smith University$2,879188
85College of Saint Mary$2,878170
86San Joaquin Delta College$2,872163
87Villanova University$2,8582346
88Sonoma State University$2,849212
89Southern Oregon University$2,834259
90California State Polytechnic University, Pomona$2,834149
91University of Denver$2,818393
92Harvard University$2,813958
93University of Georgia$2,813392
94Webster University$2,7781062
95College of the Atlantic$2,776225
96The University of Texas at San Antonio$2,774369
97The University of North Carolina at Charlotte$2,762839
98Northwest Christian University$2,750166
99Occidental College$2,730760
100Northern Illinois University$2,6994539
101University of Arkansas$2,6971023
102Santa Clara University$2,683303
103Mills College$2,667318
104University of Rochester$2,6552200
105Mercy College$2,647226
106Berry College$2,646206
107Texas A&M University-Commerce$2,637111
108Marist College$2,6341390
109Westminster College$2,626391
110College of Saint Benedict$2,618446
111Eastern Washington University$2,615180
112University of Hawaii at Manoa$2,614456
113Brooklyn College of the City University of New York$2,613407
114Denison University$2,609423
115University of Central Florida$2,607804
116The University of Akron$2,605432
117Minnesota State University Moorhead$2,603257
118Rochester Institute of Technology$2,6001800
119California Lutheran University$2,600362
120Florida Atlantic University$2,595224
121Chaminade University of Honolulu$2,595658
122The University of Texas Rio Grande Valley$2,594585
123Dallas Baptist University$2,583120
124University of Nebraska-Lincoln$2,5791469
125Syracuse University$2,5785431
126The College of New Rochelle$2,575350
127The University of Tulsa$2,548288
128State University of New York at Plattsburgh$2,540333
129Brown University$2,5361595
130Grand Valley State University$2,5341447
131Case Western Reserve University$2,5301739
132Lamar University$2,521184
133Lewis & Clark College$2,519996
134Linfield College$2,516522
135The University of Alabama$2,512656
136Western Illinois University$2,506210
137Carleton College$2,503366
138University of Detroit Mercy$2,500368
139New Mexico Institute of Mining and Technology$2,500255
140Bethel University$2,500332
141Bethune-Cookman University$2,500200
142Bay Path University$2,500145
143Kutztown University of Pennsylvania$2,499509
144University of Notre Dame$2,4891350
145Stetson University$2,489839
146Carroll University$2,487378
147University of New Hampshire at Manchester$2,486195
148Defiance College$2,482378
149The Ohio State University$2,4691441
150Allegheny College$2,4661100
151Coastal Carolina University$2,457178
152University of New Hampshire$2,4525703
153University of Michigan-Flint$2,446254
154Kalamazoo College$2,440470
155Johns Hopkins University$2,4281696
156Virginia Union University$2,422217
157Ferris State University$2,420440
158Whittier College$2,420201
159Northern State University$2,410326
160Tiffin University$2,402220
161Duquesne University$2,4003070
162Florida State University$2,400744
163Old Dominion University$2,400200
164Oberlin College$2,4001500
165Eastern Kentucky University$2,4001200
166Moravian College$2,4001165
167Wheeling Jesuit University$2,400113
168Northampton Community College$2,400243
169Stanford University$2,393567
170University of Memphis$2,389170
171Vanderbilt University$2,3761468
172Suffolk University$2,368999
173Saint Augustine's University$2,365323
174Cedarville University$2,363355
175Whitworth University$2,3611001
176Tulane University$2,3571068
177Simmons College$2,357847
178Drury University$2,357184
179Radford University$2,355310
180The Culinary Institute of America$2,355951
181Western Kentucky University$2,354631
182Elon University$2,3521218
183University of California, Santa Cruz$2,3483051
184Columbia College$2,346161
185Ithaca College$2,3453044
186Augustana College$2,3451338
187Southern New Hampshire University$2,341899
188William Jewell College$2,334526
189Arizona State University at the Downtown Phoenix campus$2,331314
190Texas A&M International University$2,331108
191St. John's University$2,322806
192Purdue University Northwest$2,322105
193Lipscomb University$2,320154
194Alice Lloyd College$2,320456
195Brandeis University$2,316326
196William Paterson University of New Jersey$2,315180
197Arizona State University at the Tempe campus$2,3131019
198Hamline University$2,313376
199Wesleyan University$2,3111144
200Our Lady of the Lake University of San Antonio$2,303149
201Gannon University$2,300495
202Shenandoah University$2,300895
203Vassar College$2,2961030
204Colgate University$2,294586
205Keene State College$2,2891449
206Oregon State University$2,2851385
207St. Mary's University$2,281597
208Dickinson College$2,274923
209Carroll College$2,271661
210The University of Tennessee$2,263599
211Southwest Minnesota State University$2,258112
212Washington University in St. Louis$2,2571142
213Purdue University$2,2552165
214Williams College$2,255479
215The University of Tennessee at Martin$2,237291
216Middle Tennessee State University$2,234301
217Centenary College of Louisiana$2,234176
218University of La Verne$2,233253
219Florida Agricultural and Mechanical University$2,226272
220Cornell University$2,2234844
221Arizona State University at the Polytechnic campus$2,217110
222Baruch College of the City University of New York$2,2102757
223Morehead State University$2,206417
224Bluffton University$2,205497
225Lindsey Wilson College$2,204258
226George Fox University$2,2022266
227Missouri Baptist University$2,202527
228Dartmouth College$2,2011186
229San Diego State University$2,200570
230Chatham University$2,200225
231Loyola University Chicago$2,1884633
232Jacksonville State University$2,186193
233Colorado State University$2,185434
234University of South Carolina Upstate$2,184125
235Texas A&M University$2,171907
236Creighton University$2,167846
237St. Olaf College$2,150478
238Emporia State University$2,149217
239Wittenberg University$2,148637
240Long Island University-LIU Brooklyn$2,141305
241Roger Williams University$2,1381492
242Winona State University$2,138183
243Susquehanna University$2,1351196
244Southwestern University$2,131170
245George Mason University$2,120409
246Tuskegee University$2,115648
247Lawrence University$2,112618
248Earlham College$2,108611
249Mount Holyoke College$2,103694
250Messiah College$2,102881
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