One of the largest online provider of student loans, College Ave, has launched a new marketing campaign when it comes to student loans.  The main headline for this campaign is quoted “Find Your Perfect Fit.”  Much like finding the right fitting pair of clothes, student loans require a considerable amount of thought and consideration before signing on.

When you are trying on new clothes, you are allowed to use a changing room to figure out the right fit.  Something similar is provided by College Ave.  College Ave provides extensive online resources for anyone looking to borrow a student loan to finance college or other higher education.  These online resources serve as the cornerstone of the “Find Your Perfect Fit” campaign, and they form a comprehensive overall student loan package.

Many of the online tools provide help with choosing the best private student loans by allowing borrowers to easily compare terms on multiple loans.  Here are some of the tools found on the College Ave website: Pre-qualification tool that allows customers to find out if they are qualified for any of the provided loans, student loan calculator that allows customers to calculate the total amount spent on a loan, and a quick application setting that applies for a loan in less than five minutes.

College Ave CFO Making an Appearance as Speaker

While these tools  help determine the “best fit” student loan, other resources are offered to encourage learning about borrowing from College Ave.  These resources include education sessions aimed at teaching about credit and borrowing decisions.  Additionally, parent and student sweepstakes are offered that award prizes while educating about student loans.

The final aspect of private loans from College Ave is the sheer volume of borrowing options.  There is a loan for undergraduates, graduates, and parents.  Each of these types of loans has different interest rates, a set of payment period plans, and a set of payment type plans.

The overall combination of customizable options creates a large variety of borrowing deals to choose from.  This basically sums up what College Ave is all about: providing tons of different loan deals and quality student loan consolidation options.