For many international students, attaining an education in the United States is a dream come true. Unfortunately, attending a U.S. university comes at a steep price, steep enough to steer some international students away from coming to this country to earn a degree. 

That price is seen at a national level; the average college student in the U.S. will graduate with $27,000 in student loan debt. While there are many resources available to help students reduce their student loan debt after graduation, such as student loan refinancing, there are also instances in which a student can be awarded financial aid grants that do not need to be paid back. 

Grants allow students to enjoy their years in college without the added stress of having to worry about how they will be repaid. However, not everyone can receive a grant to assist them in affording college, which is why many prospective students must turn to financial aid. 

This is especially the case for international students, who usually must turn to financial aid if they want to pursue their dream of attending an American higher education institution. 

At The Student Loan Report, we dedicate our time to helping students, both domestic and international, make smart financial decisions pertaining to their education. In this spirit, we have created a list of the 250 colleges in the U.S. that offer the most financial aid to international students. 

For this report, we licensed Peterson's data to see which schools offered the most financial aid to international undergraduate students. This information is intended to help international students who are looking for an education in the United States, but are trying to minimize the immediate costs of doing so.

Below, you will be able to see the 250 colleges and universities in the U.S. that offer the most financial aid to international students. 

Top 250 Colleges That Offer the Most Undergraduate Financial Aid for International Students


The data for this report was pulled using licensed data from Peterson's Financial Aid dataset. These statistics pertain to the academic year of 2015 - 2016. The values used from Peterson's dataset are self-reported by the colleges themselves. This report consists of 250 schools; 234 of these schools are private, while 16 of them are public.