If you’re a student loan borrower whose loans were serviced by ACS Education Services but now they’re being handled by Conduent Education Services, you might want to know more about the change.

First, Conduent is a technology-led business process services company formed after a divestiture from Xerox in 2017. Xerox came into the student loan business after it purchased ACS Education Services in 2010. At that time, ACS – a.k.a. Xerox Education Services – serviced federal student loans from 2003 to 2013.

Borrowers, however, had many complaints about being overcharged by ACS and denied income-driven repayment options. In November 2016, ACS agreed to a $2.4 million settlement with the Massachusetts attorney general over allegations of these and other problems with ACS.

Shortly after the settlement, Xerox decided to reduce its corporate leverage by selling a portion of its business, including its student loan business. Xerox completed its sale to Conduent one year later.

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What the Change From ACS to Conduent Education Services Means

Since Xerox continued to use the name ACS, some borrowers may not have been aware a change in ownership actually occurred at all in 2010. The entire group is now known as Conduent Business Services with the student loan subsidiary now officially going by Conduent Education Services.

During the change to Conduent, borrowers should have experienced little change since their student loan terms and account numbers stayed the same. Some, however, reported they were never informed about the changes and that there were a variety of other technical glitches following the switch to Conduent Education Services.

Furthermore, Conduent recently informed universities it would no longer service campus-based student loans such as the federal Perkins loan program, a popular loan program for students who have financial need. Even though the Perkins loan program was not extended by Congress in the fall of 2017, universities still need to find other lenders to service the existing student loans.

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How Consumers Feel About Conduent

A visit to the Conduent Business Services website shows student loan servicing is a very small part of the company. In fact, student loan servicing doesn’t appear on the main website. The website for Conduent Education Services is an account information and payment platform.

A 2018 report from the Consumer Protection Financial Bureau (CFPB) stated they had received 192 complaints about Conduent student loans during the previous year. Most of the complaints involved difficulties getting in touch with a representative about payment plans. Conduent was in the top five most complained about student loan companies.

What to Do If You Have an Issue With Conduent

Make sure you keep records of your payments and notes of all interactions you have with the company. The more documentation you can provide, the stronger your case will be later. If you experience a problem with Conduent, the best course of action is to file a complaint with the CFPB. The CFPB is one of the regulators in charge of consumer financial protection and will assign an ombudsman to investigate your complaint.

If your problem with Conduent has created negative activity on your credit report, you can contact the three credit reporting agencies directly about the complaint. You’ll want to provide them with documentation and notice of your complaint with the CFPB as well. The credit reporting agencies can then assess your complaint, investigate the claim, and make a note in your credit report.

Finally, you can always consider student loan refinancing and getting a new servicer. You may roll them into a federal direct consolidation loan and then you can choose a different lender. You may also refinance your federal student loan through a private lender, be aware you may lose some of the repayment options that federal student loans provide.