Ah, one of the most exciting times of the year - college football season!

Students around the nation are waking up early every weekend to dress up in their teams' colors to go cheer them on. There will be jaw-dropping touchdowns, big hits, crushing upsets, and plenty of broken hearts.

Going to your college's football games is a great way to escape the various stresses that come along with obtaining a higher education - schoolwork, exams, classes, clubs, student loans, and countless other things.

In honor of the start of college football season, we thought it would be interesting to rank the "Power Five" conferences (ACC, SEC, Big 10, Big 12, & Pac-12) by average student loan debt per borrower.

In the following infographic, you will find the rankings for each college within the conference, as well as overall rankings of the conferences. The information was calculated using the Class of 2015 dataset licensed from Peterson's.