The United States Government’s Department of Education implemented a new feedback system for its 40 million borrowers to relay their complaints about the federal student loan servicing system.  The intention of this feedback portal was to aid the Department of Education in formulating a simpler system that works for these millions of borrowers.  After some time, the Department is finally ready to start implementing new changes to their system.

One of the most important changes to expect is the consolidation of loan servicer web portals.  As of now, there are over ten different loan servicers used by the government, and they all have their own online portal.  This causes problems for the Department of Education due to the disunity of service and experience.  This problem is going to be solved by providing a single portal to student loan information offered by the Department of Education.  While there are still multiple servicers employed by the government, they are now transparent under one organization, the Department of Education.  Now all borrowers will get the same experience when paying and viewing their loans.

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Another key motivation of these changes is to provide a consistent customer service model to student loan borrowers.  This idea is greatly aided and correlated with the new single government portal.  The consistent customer service makes it easier for the government to solve disputes and issues, and borrowers can have a better idea of what to expect during the whole process.

On top of this all, there is an emphasis to hold the government-employed student loan servicers to a higher standard of accountability.  They will be regulated more closely which ensures the accurate servicing of loans to loan borrowers.

Overall, these changes are part of a major consolidation effort to simplify the loan servicing process.  Previously, complaints and information were being sent through multiple different portals which was a total mess.  These efforts make it easier for the Department of Education to deal with all issues and servicing procedures.  With more ease on that end, the convenience trickles down to all of the borrowers who can benefit from the more efficient system.