Elizabeth Warren speaking at a rally in Washington D.C. unrelated to the discussion with Jimmy Fallon.

U.S. Senator Elizabeth Warren paid her first visit to The Tonight Show and spoke out about the need for affordable college education for all Americans. In fact, she believes this is the true way to make America great again.

Promoting her book, This Is Our Fight, Warren revealed that her family dealt with its fair share of financial difficulties while growing up. In fact, she talked about her mother's hesitation to take her to the doctor when she was a child because of a lack of finances.

Warren dreamed of being a teacher and attended George Washington University on a full debate scholarship. After getting married, she finished her degree in speech pathology at the University of Houston, becoming the first member of her immediate family to graduate from college according to Biography.com.

But Senator Warren told host Jimmy Fallon "that America is gone." She pointed out that 70 percent of students who earned their degrees from a public university have to take out loans to pay for their education, while the US government student loan program's profit for 2016 could be around $1.6 billion.

Lenders Still Profit from Student Loan Debt

Currently, 44 million American borrowers owe a combined $1.41 trillion in student loan debt. The rising cost of college is leaving many in massive debt, while forcing others to forgo the dream of higher education because it is out of their financial reach.

In her book, she profiles a young woman who wanted to pursue a career in computers. But years later, she still doesn’t have a degree. What she does have is $100,000 in student loan debt that she is trying to pay off on a waitress’ salary.

“That's not an America that's building dreams, that's an America that's crushing dreams,” said Warren. “We can do better than that, and that's the fight we need to have, the fight for opportunity.”

Fallon admitted that he had just finished paying off his own student loan debt.

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