The majority of college undergraduates accept some form of Federal financial aid. Many of these students, however, don't participate in Federal Work-Study (FWS), a beneficial program designed to help make college more affordable.

For those who are unfamiliar with the program, Federal Work-Study funds part-time jobs at participating university campuses for student workers in need of financial aid. Federal Work-Study opportunities are great alternatives to student loans that all-to-often hamper borrowers after graduation.

In short, Federal Work Study rewards the principle of hard work.  Those who participate in this program receive compensation for their time and input.​ That compensation can go towards the overall cost of attendance which includes anything from tuition, textbooks, groceries, to rent. At the end of the day, it is a great way to limit student loan debt while gaining valuable experience and compensation.

Only 5% of all undergraduates accept any Federal Work-Study Aid (See NCES Table 9) as of 2012. Today, about 70% of undergraduates are borrowing federal student loans. Of those borrowers, only 56% are successfully paying these loans.

While the acceptance criteria for federal student loans are looser than the FWS program, it is still alarming that such a small number of undergraduates are taking advantage of the program. This becomes even more alarming when taking into account undergraduate student loan performance.  At any rate, the Federal Work-Study program is an under-utilized, and perhaps under-funded, alternative to student loans in the face of a national growing problem with debt.

Study Objectives

There are two main objectives to this study that involve analysis of FWS data on the national level and state level.

First, the allocation of Federal Work-Study Aid and opportunity was analyzed on the national level. This was accomplished in two ways. The first way involved a breakdown of the allocation of aid and opportunity to private and public institutions. The second involved a breakdown analysis of aid allocation to different states.  Aid and opportunity refer to monetary financial aid awarded and job opportunities, respectively.

Second, this study highlights the top colleges and universities in each state of the country in terms of Federal Work-Study aid. The total financial aid awarded by each institution through the Federal Work-Study program is a key metric. While the number of jobs is an important metric for measuring opportunity, it was not the focus of the state level rankings, but it is included for reference.

Key Findings

  • 22.2% of colleges reported themselves as Federal Work-Study participants with up-to-date financial aid data
  • Of those colleges, 58.0% were private institutions while the remaining 42.0% were public institutions
  • Private institutions accounted for 60.6% of Federal Work-Study financial aid
  • Private institutions accounted for 61.6% of all Federal Work-Study jobs
  • The top ten states in terms of financial aid accounted for 60.9% of all Federal Work-Study financial aid
  • The top ten states in terms of number of jobs accounted for 59.5% of all Federal Work-Study job opportunities
  • States with higher populations of enrolled students tend to have a greater number of FWS jobs, and thus a greater amount of Federal Work-Study financial aid.


To create this study, we licensed Peterson's Class of 2015 Financial Aid dataset. All data is self-reported by the colleges and universities directly to Peterson's. The only exception is student enrollment data used with a scatter plot which was taken from a government website.

Only colleges and universities who participated in the Federal Work-Study program (and reported data) were included in this study. Additionally, only colleges with updated data from the recent academic years of 2012-2013, 2013-2014, and 2014-2015 were included.

Out of a list that included 4,236 schools in the United States, only 942 schools fit these criteria. These schools resided in 49 states (all except Delaware), 2 territories (American Samoa and Puerto Rico), and 1 district (Washington D.C.).

The total FWS Aid Awarded was a key metric for this study. ​This value was calculated from two college-reported data columns: the total number of jobs provided and the average aid awarded per job.  The multiplication of these columns results in the total aid awarded to the school.

In terms of the first objective of this study:

Using the state of residence listings with each college, a breakdown of FWS aid allocation between the states and territories could be comprised. Since the college listings indicated public versus private status, a comparison between aid allocation to private and public institutions was conducted.

For the private vs. public school breakdown, the schools were separated into two lists; the total aid awarded for each school was summed together in each respective list.  For the state breakdown, the schools were separated by state, and the total aid awarded was summed together in each respective state list.  These actions gave the total FWS aid awarded to private schools, public schools, and each state/territory.  With these values, the percentage of total national FWS aid that each state received could be calculated, and the allotment of aid to private vs. public schools could be determined.

Several lists and graphs were composed from this segment. The top ten states in terms of total financial FWS aid is included. There is a top ten list of schools in terms of total FWS jobs. There are two bar graphs that display the difference in funding and job opportunities between the top ten states and the rest of the states/territories.  There is a scatter plot that depicts the number of jobs vs. financial aid awarded and the number of jobs vs. student enrollment for each state.

In terms of the second focus of this study:

The rankings in each state were determined by sorting the total FWS aid awarded data from largest to smallest.  This action generated a ranked list of schools in terms of total Federal Work-Study aid provided. Only schools in the top ten from each state were included in the publication. States with less than ten colleges in the rankings did not have ten schools that met the criteria explained earlier.

There are over 50 different lists of schools that pertain to state/territory of residence for this segment.  These rankings can be found at the bottom of the publication.

The creator and administrator of the Student Loan Report (, Drew Cloud, conducted this study. For questions, email 


Public vs. Private Schools for Federal Work-Study Aid & Opportunities

FWS Comparison

Chart 1 & 2. These two bar charts compare the difference between private and public schools in terms of Federal Work-Study financial aid and job opportunities.

Top Ten States by Financial Aid from Federal Work-Study

State FWS AidPortion of Overall FWS AidNumber of JobsPortion of Total Jobs
1New York$115,731,30113.24%5552813.22%
8New Hampshire$25,269,1922.89%112122.67%

Top Ten States by Number of Jobs from Federal Work-Study

Number of JobsPortion of Total FWS JobsTotal State FWS AidPortion of Total FWS Aid
1New York5552813.22%$115,731,30113.24%
10New Hampshire112122.67%$25,269,1922.89%

Number of Jobs vs. Financial Aid and Student Enrollment by State

FWS Scatter

Graph 1. This scatter plot depicts the number of jobs versus financial aid awarded in each state from the Federal Work-Study program; additionally, it depicts the number of jobs versus student enrollment in each state. Each of these data points corresponds with a state or territory; the blue and orange points that are in line vertically with each other correspond with the same state.

Top Ten vs. Not-Top Ten States for Federal Work-Study Aid & Jobs

FWS Comparison

Chart 3 & 4. These two bar charts compare the difference between the top ten states listed earlier and the rest of the states and territories in terms of Federal Work-Study funding and job opportunities.


With only 22.2% of colleges in the United States reporting Federal Work-Study financial aid data, a safe conclusion can be drawn that the program is less common among higher education institutions. At any rate, it is definitely less prominent compared to usage of Federal student loans, even private education loans from banks.

It was mentioned that private institutions account for roughly 61% of both Federal Work-Study financial aid and jobs; public institutions accounted for the remainder. Initial reasoning might allude towards higher tuition and costs associated with private college education. This aligns with the fact that graduates from private institutions have more student loan debt on average. With this in mind, it is reasonable that private institutions receive more FWS aid and opportunities.

On the other hand, some may argue that this is unfair. One point of argument may draw on demographics; for instance, one may claim that public school students generally come from lower income situations and backgrounds. The end claim is that aid should be more focused on public schools rather than private institutions.

In contrast to this point, one should point out that in-state public colleges are popular choices for many high school graduates in terms of tuition and overall pricing since enrolling as an in-state college student at a public university generally comes with reduced tuition. This may help explain the disparity in FWS financial aid and opportunities between public and private colleges.

Another interesting find is the disparity between the top ten states and rest of the country in terms of FWS financial aid and jobs. At a glance, this may produce a bit of an outcry. After all, 20% of the states receiving 60% of the FWS aid seems like a huge issue.

After a bit more consideration, the explanation to the disparity in FWS aid is simple. The eleven states that appear in the two top ten listings by financial aid and opportunity account for over half of the population (about 53%) in the United States according to the United States 2010 Census; additionally, these ten states account for almost half of the enrolled student population (about 49.9%) according to the National Center of Education Statistics. A safe conclusion can be drawn from this. Since these states have a greater population of students, there is a greater demand for job opportunities at these state universities.  

Based off this case study, it is clear that more jobs means more financial aid as a whole; however, another reasonable conclusion can be drawn. The reason for more FWS financial aid to one state over the other stems from the population of students in that state. Higher student populations create a greater demand for FWS jobs; contrarily, lower student populations do not generate the same demand which leads to fewer FWS jobs. Since the number of FWS jobs seems directly related to FWS financial aid, student population becomes a clear driving factor behind FWS financial aid,

Top Colleges by State for Federal Work-Study


RankSchoolNumber of JobsTotal Aid Awarded
1University of Alaska Fairbanks24$141,360
2Alaska Pacific University30$42,690


RankSchoolNumber of JobsTotal Aid Awarded
1The University of Alabama656$1,647,872
2Tuskegee University648$1,370,520
3Alabama State University570$1,080,720
4Auburn University203$812,609
5Samford University376$756,512
6The University of West Alabama150$463,800
7Jacksonville State University193$421,898
8University of Montevallo184$331,200
9University of North Alabama163$280,034
10The University of Alabama in Huntsville39$198,939


RankSchoolNumber of JobsTotal Aid Awarded
1University of Arkansas1023$2,759,031
2Hendrix College522$1,005,372
3Southern Arkansas University-Magnolia480$803,040
4Harding University586$679,760
5Arkansas State University190$665,000
6Ouachita Baptist University303$523,281
7Williams Baptist College182$235,508
8Philander Smith College77$200,200
9Lyon College134$125,424
10Southeast Arkansas College18$43,200


RankSchoolNumber of JobsTotal Aid Awarded
1Arizona State University, Tempe campus1019$2,356,947
2Arizona State University, Downtown Phoenix campus314$731,934
3Cochise County Community College District72$391,464
4Arizona State University, West campus123$254,979
5Arizona State University, Polytechnic campus110$243,870
6Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University-Prescott26$61,672


RankSchoolNumber of JobsTotal Aid Awarded
1Chapman University3023$8,890,643
2University of California, Santa Cruz3051$7,163,748
3University of San Francisco1330$5,454,330
4University of California, Los Angeles2402$4,486,936
5University of California, Riverside2882$4,400,814
6Loyola Marymount University1374$2,599,608
7California College of the Arts716$2,097,164
8Occidental College760$2,074,800
9Pepperdine University897$1,515,033
10California State University, San Bernardino368$1,482,304


RankSchoolNumber of JobsTotal Aid Awarded
1Colorado State University-Pueblo686$2,058,000
2University of Colorado Boulder887$1,511,448
3University of Denver393$1,107,474
4Colorado State University434$948,290
5University of Colorado Denver222$820,956
6The Colorado College349$624,012
7Regis University369$622,503
8Colorado School of Mines326$584,518
9Naropa University168$516,936
10University of Northern Colorado172$508,432


RankSchoolNumber of JobsTotal Aid Awarded
1Quinnipiac University1405$2,943,475
2Wesleyan University1144$2,643,784
3Trinity College797$1,425,036
4University of Connecticut631$1,287,240
5Sacred Heart University886$992,320
6University of Hartford631$621,535
7Southern Connecticut State University137$519,230
8Fairfield University405$408,645
9Gateway Community College69$213,348
10Eastern Connecticut State University81$154,629


RankSchoolNumber of JobsTotal Aid Awarded
1Nova Southeastern University998$4,889,202
2University of South Florida732$2,299,212
3University of Central Florida804$2,096,028
4Stetson University839$2,088,271
5University of Florida1083$1,827,021
6Florida State University744$1,785,600
7Saint Leo University392$1,704,416
8Florida Institute of Technology640$1,230,080
9The University of Tampa361$722,000
10University of North Florida179$611,643


RankSchoolNumber of JobsTotal Aid Awarded
1University of Georgia392$1,102,696
2Georgia Institute of Technology415$814,230
3Morehouse College182$710,892
4Kennesaw State University175$596,225
5Berry College206$545,076
6Georgia Southern University244$443,348
7Clark Atlanta University191$331,003
8Spelman College169$278,512
9Brenau University137$269,205
10Clayton State University61$260,836


RankSchoolNumber of JobsTotal Aid Awarded
 Chaminade University of Honolulu658$1,707,510
 University of Hawaii at Manoa456$1,191,984


RankSchoolNumber of JobsTotal Aid Awarded
1Drake University1526$2,908,556
2Luther College939$1,948,425
3Loras College722$1,377,576
4Grinnell College635$1,323,975
5Iowa State University of Science and Technology1579$1,200,040
6Coe College577$911,660
7Central College669$780,723
8Clarke University381$762,000
9Mount Mercy University357$687,939
10University of Northern Iowa451$658,911


RankSchoolNumber of JobsTotal Aid Awarded
1University of Idaho471$827,547
2Boise State University266$550,886
3The College of Idaho93$121,086
4Northwest Nazarene University132$92,664


RankSchoolNumber of JobsTotal Aid Awarded
1Northern Illinois University4539$12,250,761
2Loyola University Chicago4633$10,137,004
3Lewis University2223$8,260,668
4Augustana College1338$3,137,610
5University of Illinois at Chicago1454$2,908,000
6Aurora University1741$2,630,651
7DePaul University522$1,607,760
8McKendree University836$1,466,344
9Illinois College500$913,500
10Monmouth College512$705,536


RankSchoolNumber of JobsTotal Aid Awarded
1Purdue University2165$4,882,075
2University of Notre Dame1350$3,360,150
3Indiana State University1520$2,892,560
4Trine University1131$2,148,900
5Earlham College611$1,287,988
6Valparaiso University615$818,565
7Hanover College510$707,370
8University of Evansville332$503,976
9Taylor University817$453,435
10Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology355$444,815


RankSchoolNumber of JobsTotal Aid Awarded
1The University of Kansas603$1,254,240
2Emporia State University217$466,333
3Friends University222$363,414
4Sterling College381$328,041
5McPherson College335$321,600
6Butler Community College113$269,505
7Southwestern College152$258,400
8Bethel College143$182,325
9Kansas Wesleyan University92$134,596
10Benedictine College232$122,960


RankSchoolNumber of JobsTotal Aid Awarded
1Eastern Kentucky University1200$2,880,000
2University of the Cumberlands830$1,609,370
3Western Kentucky University631$1,485,374
4University of Louisville427$1,326,262
5Alice Lloyd College456$1,057,920
6Asbury University593$961,846
7Morehead State University417$919,902
8Transylvania University370$645,650
9Lindsey Wilson College258$568,632
10Centre College338$561,418


RankSchoolNumber of JobsTotal Aid Awarded
1Tulane University1068$2,517,276
2Louisiana State University and Agricultural & Mechanical College767$1,610,700
3Louisiana Tech University277$572,836
4Centenary College of Louisiana176$393,184
5Dillard University204$332,928
6Southeastern Louisiana University159$326,586
7University of New Orleans155$303,645
8Southern University at New Orleans153$153,000
9Louisiana State University in Shreveport25$75,250


RankSchoolNumber of JobsTotal Aid Awarded
1Boston University3092$5,930,456
2Tufts University1493$2,808,333
3Harvard University958$2,694,854
4University of Massachusetts Amherst1943$2,549,216
5Suffolk University999$2,365,632
6Western New England University1139$2,259,776
7Massachusetts Institute of Technology986$2,002,566
8Simmons College847$1,996,379
9Lasell College1074$1,825,800
10Curry College907$1,765,022


RankSchoolNumber of JobsTotal Aid Awarded
1Johns Hopkins University1696$4,117,888
2Towson University599$1,051,245
3Morgan State University350$966,000
4Montgomery College217$752,773
5Hood College303$606,000
6Goucher College336$390,432
7Stevenson University130$272,350
8Mount St. Mary's University130$234,000
9University of Maryland, Baltimore County116$233,740
10St. John's College83$225,013


RankSchoolNumber of JobsTotal Aid Awarded
1Bowdoin College490$888,860
2Bates College403$701,623
3College of the Atlantic225$624,600
4Colby College325$546,325
5Unity College440$529,320
6University of Maine at Fort Kent113$199,106
7Thomas College102$198,900
8Maine Maritime Academy153$94,707


RankSchoolNumber of JobsTotal Aid Awarded
1University of Michigan2554$4,096,616
2Grand Valley State University1447$3,666,698
3Adrian College1275$1,912,500
4Calvin College1033$1,762,298
5Wayne State University380$1,447,040
6Central Michigan University921$1,417,419
7Kalamazoo College470$1,146,800
8Ferris State University440$1,064,800
9Eastern Michigan University654$1,062,096
10University of Detroit Mercy368$920,000


RankSchoolNumber of JobsTotal Aid Awarded
1University of St. Thomas862$2,547,210
2Minnesota State University Mankato433$1,752,784
3College of Saint Benedict446$1,167,628
4St. Olaf College478$1,027,700
5Carleton College366$916,098
6Hamline University376$869,688
7Bethel University332$830,000
8Saint John's University214$712,620
9Minnesota State University Moorhead257$668,971
10University of Minnesota, Duluth371$573,937


RankSchoolNumber of JobsTotal Aid Awarded
1Webster University1062$2,950,236
2Washington University in St. Louis1142$2,577,494
3University of Missouri-Kansas City563$2,231,169
4Evangel University1349$2,127,373
5Saint Louis University767$1,517,126
6William Jewell College526$1,227,684
7Missouri Baptist University527$1,160,454
8Lindenwood University568$1,121,800
9Truman State University447$818,904
10Southwest Baptist University382$717,396


RankSchoolNumber of JobsTotal Aid Awarded
1Mississippi State University918$3,039,498
2Jackson State University949$1,897,051
3Itawamba Community College230$575,000
4University of Mississippi370$482,850
5Alcorn State University341$467,511
6Belhaven University175$350,000
7Millsaps College284$229,188
8Mississippi College193$159,225
9Mississippi University for Women75$153,150
10Delta State University219$139,065


RankSchoolNumber of JobsTotal Aid Awarded
1University of Montana1667$4,810,962
2Carroll College661$1,501,131
3Rocky Mountain College358$141,768
4Dawson Community College51$97,767

North Carolina

RankSchoolNumber of JobsTotal Aid Awarded
1Duke University1866$3,737,598
2The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill1927$3,272,046
3Elon University1218$2,864,736
4The University of North Carolina at Charlotte839$2,317,318
5East Carolina University606$1,877,994
6North Carolina State University740$1,043,400
7Saint Augustine's University323$763,895
8Davidson College421$638,236
9Johnson C. Smith University188$541,252
10Chowan University370$525,770

North Dakota

RankSchoolNumber of JobsTotal Aid Awarded
1Dickinson State University69$225,216
2North Dakota State College of Science131$212,744
3University of Jamestown215$191,565
4Minot State University80$142,560
5Valley City State University42$76,776


RankSchoolNumber of JobsTotal Aid Awarded
1University of Nebraska-Lincoln1469$3,788,551
2Creighton University846$1,833,282
3College of Saint Mary170$489,260
4Concordia University, Nebraska80$112,000
5Hastings College62$107,632
6Northeast Community College51$57,528
7Nebraska College of Technical Agriculture24$53,640
8Nebraska Methodist College20$41,000
9Mid-Plains Community College38$32,110

New Hampshire

RankSchoolNumber of JobsTotal Aid Awarded
1University of New Hampshire5703$13,983,756
2Keene State College1449$3,316,761
3Dartmouth College1186$2,610,386
4Southern New Hampshire University899$2,104,559
5Saint Anselm College1070$1,577,180
6New England College304$583,680
7Franklin Pierce University388$582,000
8University of New Hampshire at Manchester195$484,770
9River Valley Community College18$26,100

New Jersey

RankSchoolNumber of JobsTotal Aid Awarded
1Rutgers University-New Brunswick2411$4,670,107
2Monmouth University945$1,890,000
3Bloomfield College647$1,312,116
4Drew University523$988,470
5Rutgers University-Newark442$820,794
6Montclair State University486$618,678
7Rowan University412$499,344
8Kean University264$449,064
9William Paterson University of New Jersey180$416,700
10Stockton University219$411,939

New Mexico

RankSchoolNumber of JobsTotal Aid Awarded
1Central New Mexico Community College115$920,000
2New Mexico Institute of Mining and Technology255$637,500
3New Mexico State University215$634,465
4St. John's College77$208,670
5New Mexico Military Institute26$27,976
6University of the Southwest30$22,500
7Southwestern Indian Polytechnic Institute15$11,610


RankSchoolNumber of JobsTotal Aid Awarded
1University of Nevada, Reno287$519,470

New York

RankSchoolNumber of JobsTotal Aid Awarded
1Syracuse University5431$14,001,118
2Cornell University4844$10,768,212
3Ithaca College3044$7,138,180
4Baruch College of the City University of New York2757$6,092,970
5University of Rochester2200$5,841,000
6Hofstra University1595$4,792,975
7Rochester Institute of Technology1800$4,680,000
8Queens College of the City University of New York1881$3,762,000
9Marist College1390$3,661,260
10Clarkson University1760$2,816,000


RankSchoolNumber of JobsTotal Aid Awarded
1Case Western Reserve University1739$4,399,670
2Wright State University990$4,325,310
3University of Cincinnati1203$3,843,585
4Oberlin College1500$3,600,000
5Ashland University1380$3,572,820
6The Ohio State University1441$3,557,829
7Miami University3293$2,338,030
8The College of Wooster856$1,753,088
9Kent State University511$1,514,604
10Wittenberg University637$1,368,276


RankSchoolNumber of JobsTotal Aid Awarded
1East Central University534$1,754,724
2University of Oklahoma535$1,670,805
3Oklahoma State University405$816,075
4The University of Tulsa288$733,824
5Northeastern State University305$414,800
6Langston University171$307,971
7Oklahoma City University228$246,696
8University of Science and Arts of Oklahoma150$234,600
9Oklahoma Wesleyan University133$216,391
10Cameron University61$146,949


RankSchoolNumber of JobsTotal Aid Awarded
1George Fox University2266$4,989,732
2University of Oregon2463$3,554,109
3Oregon State University1385$3,164,725
4Lewis & Clark College996$2,508,924
5Linfield College522$1,313,352
6Southern Oregon University259$734,006
7Warner Pacific College354$694,194
8Marylhurst University117$673,218
9University of Portland470$549,900
10Northwest Christian University166$456,500


RankSchoolNumber of JobsTotal Aid Awarded
1University of Pennsylvania3395$9,998,275
2Duquesne University3070$7,368,000
3Villanova University2346$6,704,868
4Widener University1595$3,099,085
5Moravian College1165$2,796,000
6Allegheny College1100$2,712,600
7Temple University2390$2,607,490
8Susquehanna University1196$2,553,460
9Arcadia University1440$2,410,560
10Lehigh University1190$2,262,190

Rhode Island

RankSchoolNumber of JobsTotal Aid Awarded
1Brown University1595$4,044,920
2Roger Williams University1492$3,189,896

South Carolina

RankSchoolNumber of JobsTotal Aid Awarded
1Furman University558$872,712
2Coastal Carolina University178$437,346
3The Citadel, The Military College of South Carolina116$409,944
4Greenville Technical College101$302,697
5University of South Carolina Upstate125$273,000
6Winthrop University123$236,406
7Wofford College192$235,200
8Newberry College120$132,000
9University of South Carolina Aiken65$126,165
10Spartanburg Community College41$123,820

South Dakota

RankSchoolNumber of JobsTotal Aid Awarded
1Northern State University326$785,660
2Augustana University311$574,106
3South Dakota School of Mines and Technology146$279,736
4Dakota State University137$270,438
5Western Dakota Technical Institute162$239,112
6Lake Area Technical Institute127$233,680
7Mount Marty College123$220,047
8Dakota Wesleyan University109$168,950


RankSchoolNumber of JobsTotal Aid Awarded
1Vanderbilt University1468$3,487,968
2The University of Tennessee599$1,355,537
3Maryville College622$1,063,620
4Nashville State Community College188$1,015,200
5Middle Tennessee State University301$672,434
6Sewanee: The University of the South416$671,424
7The University of Tennessee at Martin291$650,967
8Carson-Newman University279$524,241
9Tennessee Technological University529$516,833
10Lee University252$410,508


RankSchoolNumber of JobsTotal Aid Awarded
1Baylor University5284$15,265,476
2The University of Texas at Arlington1822$5,790,316
3University of Houston1431$5,613,813
4Texas State University1556$5,044,552
5Houston Community College739$4,064,500
6Texas Christian University1328$2,543,120
7Prairie View A&M University662$2,365,988
8Texas A&M University907$1,969,097
9Houston Baptist University993$1,891,665
10The University of Texas Rio Grande Valley585$1,517,490


RankSchoolNumber of JobsTotal Aid Awarded
1University of Utah312$1,355,952
2Westminster College391$1,026,766
3Dixie State University195$753,090


RankSchoolNumber of JobsTotal Aid Awarded
1Shenandoah University895$2,058,500
2Virginia Commonwealth University879$1,585,716
3Marymount University697$1,367,514
4George Mason University409$867,080
5University of Richmond568$786,680
6Radford University310$730,050
7Virginia State University300$600,000
8Virginia Union University217$525,574
9Emory & Henry College275$513,150
10Old Dominion University200$480,000


RankSchoolNumber of JobsTotal Aid Awarded
1University of Vermont1458$2,332,800
2Bennington College337$664,564
3Saint Michael's College264$462,000
4Castleton University325$405,925
5Vermont Technical College154$150,612
6Community College of Vermont65$140,465
7Southern Vermont College100$100,000


RankSchoolNumber of JobsTotal Aid Awarded
1Whitworth University1001$2,363,361
2Pacific Lutheran University675$2,152,575
3Seattle University489$1,875,804
4University of Puget Sound532$1,601,852
5University of Washington504$1,547,280
6Seattle Pacific University238$1,084,090
7Whitman College450$892,350
8Western Washington University245$865,585
9Saint Martin's University256$514,304
10Eastern Washington University180$470,700


RankSchoolNumber of JobsTotal Aid Awarded
1University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire4275$6,327,000
2University of Wisconsin-Stout1540$2,300,760
3Lawrence University618$1,305,216
4Carroll University378$940,086
5Waukesha County Technical College230$822,020
6University of Wisconsin-Whitewater740$814,000
7Edgewood College395$803,430
8Alverno College336$700,224
9University of Wisconsin-Green Bay337$648,725
10University of Wisconsin-La Crosse403$617,799

West Virginia

RankSchoolNumber of JobsTotal Aid Awarded
1West Virginia University1142$1,718,710
2Alderson Broaddus University443$613,112
3Concord University214$290,612
4Wheeling Jesuit University113$271,200
5Fairmont State University139$187,233
6Shepherd University110$179,080
7Glenville State College132$140,844
8Bluefield State College47$136,300


RankSchoolNumber of JobsTotal Aid Awarded
1University of Wyoming267$508,635
2Central Wyoming College91$185,640

Washington, D.C.

RankSchoolNumber of JobsTotal Aid Awarded
1Georgetown University2570$7,563,510
2Howard University522$2,430,432
3The Catholic University of America300$569,700
4University of the District of Columbia32$94,848

American Samoa

RankSchoolNumber of JobsTotal Aid Awarded
1American Samoa Community College1$870

Puerto Rico

RankSchoolNumber of JobsTotal Aid Awarded
1University of Puerto Rico, Mayagüez Campus727$840,412
2University of Puerto Rico in Bayamón208$357,552
3Universidad del Turabo493$312,562
4Inter American University of Puerto Rico, Guayama Campus149$185,952
5Universidad Adventista de las Antillas179$135,324
6EDP University of Puerto Rico-San Sebastian32$54,848
7Carlos Albizu University3$4,392