Many recent developments have shed increased doubt on for-profit educational institutions such as ITT Tech and the Corinthian College chains. Most of these developments pertain to misdirection and fraudulent advertising. In short, each instance has involved students obtaining a nearly useless degree or certificate; all paid for by the United States government and tax dollars.

In the spirit of for-profit college fraud and student loan forgiveness, Illinois Attorney General Lisa Madigan has her constituency in mind and calls for action from the Department of Education. Her main claim is that the Department has not administered anywhere near enough financial aid to affected students numbering nearly 7,000.

The students in question attended for-profit universities known as Westwood College and Everest College. Interestingly enough, the plight of Westwood students with private loans has already been settled. Madigan reportedly settled with Westwood College for $15 million which covered private student loan borrowers at the university.

Despite Madigan’s actions to cover debtors with private education loans, a large majority of federal student loan borrowers have not received the benefit. Additionally, Madigan makes these claims after leading her own investigation into Everest college which were found to back up the Department of Education’s report. All of her actions seem to lay credibility to her case.

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It is yet to be heard if these students receive the forgiveness that they deserve, but all signs point towards positive feedback. Attorney General Madigan is developing a reputation for spearheading the attack on fraudulent and sketchy student loan practices. She has set a precedent for other government officials by investigating big names such as Navient and Everest College. On top of this, she has put pressure on student debt relief scams with strict oversight.

Clearly, Attorney General Lisa Madigan is taking action to ensure the rights and protections for Illinois students through proactive investigation, political action, and surprisingly, customer service. From Madigan’s own design, there is a Student Loan Helpline meant to assist borrowers with information, clarification, and guidance.