Sallie Mae just recently announced that they will be giving away a $25,000 scholarship to seven Indiana high school students. 

One lucky Indiana high school student could be the winner of a big college scholarship award. In a June 6 press release, student loan company Sallie Mae announced a $25,000 award from its Bridging the Dream Scholarship Program in honor of former Sallie Mae executive Charlie Rocha.

The program acknowledges inspirational high school juniors and seniors who excel in academics, athletics, community service, and other school activities yet come from financial backgrounds that might not enable them to achieve their college dreams.

A Growing Sallie Mae Scholarship Portfolio

During the past two years, Sallie Mae has awarded more than $300,000 in scholarships to undergraduate and graduate students. Now, thanks to the Rocha family’s substantial contribution to the scholarship fund and the company’s matching donation, Sallie Mae will offer seven $25,000 Bridging the Dream scholarships in 2018 versus five from 2017.

“Charlie’s creativity, energy, and drive, his ability to connect and inspire all of those around him, and his commitment to helping young people reach college will live on through the Bridging the Dream Scholarship Program,” said CEO Raymond J. Quinlan about Rocha in the press release.

In addition, Sallie Mae has partnered with hip-hop artist Dee-1, who participated in the company’s kick-off event for this year’s Bridging the Dream Scholarship Program. Dee-1 had previously collaborated with Rocha over the past two years on financial literacy and student loan repayment campaigns. The hip-hop artist was a former educator who is also involved in another scholarship program offered by the company.

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Other Scholarship Opportunities

Along with the Bridging the Dream Scholarship Program, Sallie Mae offers other scholarships for interested undergraduate and graduate students. Creativity is encouraged for the submissions.

#BridgingTheDreamGrad: Four hardworking professionals can win $20,000 in scholarship money for advanced degrees as well as pursue dreams to not only make the world a better place for themselves but also for their communities. Previous winners have included law students and medical students.

#MissionFinish Contest: In a partnership with Dee-1, Sallie Mae’s customers can share how their college experiences have positively impacted their lives. One winner, who received up to $10,000 to assist with paying down his Sallie Mae student loan, created a rhyme called “Work to Live vs. Love Your Work.” This included lyrics about his journey of studying orthodontics.

Make College Happen: Sallie Mae posed the following question to high school students: How do you plan to pay for college? Over 1,000 students accepted the challenge to answer this with 10 winners using songs and videos to receive college money awards from $1,000 to $15,000.

On top of Sallie Mae’s opportunities, there are countless scholarships out there that could help make it possible to go to college. It takes quite a bit of work to secure a scholarship. Here’s a guide to finding and winning scholarships to pay for college.