Pictured above are unrelated employees. Todd Geller was recently appointed as President of LoanGifting.

LoanGifting, a crowdfunding site aimed at lowering student debt totals, announced the executive appointment of Todd Geller as the company’s new president, in a press release published yesterday, June 11.

"Along with Founder and CEO Ravi Sawhney, who brings depth of operating experience from RKS Design, we are elated to bring a tenured and proven leadership team member to our thriving FinTech platform," said Kelly Kimball, LoanGifting investor and board member.

Acting as LoanGifting’s new President, Geller has held senior executive roles in an advertising capacity for over 20 years. Companies included on Geller’s resume include Ditech, Herbalife, US Army, Kaplan University, True Credit, Life Alert, and the Chicago Tribune.

For the past seven years, Mr. Geller served as Senior Vice President of Convirsa and CallSource, a SaaS-based platform. In this capacity, Geller led business development, sales, marketing, pay-per-call, vanity, and client services.

The new LoanGifting appointment also served as President of InternetFuel, one of the largest advertising networks in the world. In this role, Geller led the launching of nearly 100 million pop-up impressions per day to over 35 million users.

Todd Geller had the following to say, "I'm excited to join LoanGifting, a company playing a leading role in eliminating student debt. LoanGifting's strong software, SaaS technology, and unique value proposition for student debtors and their employers allow for a distinct paradigm shift in the way we look at student debt and finance today. Our mission is to help every individual who has a student loan become student debt-free."

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LoanGifting only recently launched in February of this year. The company began as a crowdfunding site for student loan borrowers, where friends and family could make contributions to a borrower’s account in the hopes of lowering their student debt total.

LoanGifting’s appointment of Todd Geller is in anticipation of the new student loan employee benefit launching for the company, where SaaS is expected to play a vital role.

The success of the initial application has pushed LoanGifting to launch a new employee benefits solution, which is expected to become active later this year. Employers can now partner with LoanGifting to provide student loan benefits.

This new feature of LoanGifting will work similar to a 401k, where the loan principal and future interest will decrease as more people make contributions to the borrowers’ accounts.

Student loan debt has certainly become a serious issue that is hampering graduates in their post-college journey. According to The Student Loan Report, recently graduated student loan borrowers hold $27,857 in student loan debt, on average. Additionally, the national student loan debt is $1.41 trillion, and there are 44,179,100 student loan borrowers in the U.S.

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