At this year's Super Bowl, beer brand Natural Light will award $40,000 to 25 students to help with their educational debt. 

With the Pro Bowl finishing up this weekend, the Super Bowl buzz has started growing in the United States, and beer brand Natural Light, shortened to Natty Light, has sweetened the pot for those who tune into the big game. The company will launch a video promotion contest that will award $40,000 to 25 students to help with student loan payments; the ad will open after the Super Bowl.

The new ad from Natty Light will be featured in ten major college markets during the Super Bowl, but it is not limited to just those ten cities. It should be noted that Natty Light is an Anheuser-Busch brewed beer, and the company is no stranger to Super Bowl commercials. Expect the Clydesdales.

While a video contest isn’t new for the Super Bowl, the difference with Natty light is that students’ video submissions must be about their inspiration to attend college. It also needs to feature the green money tab that can be found on a small batch of limited edition Natty Light.

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Natty Light has decided to partner with actor Jake Johnson for this campaign. Although infamous for this role on ‘New Girl’, the actor has a long history in college. Johnson, in fact, faced difficulties when dropping out of high school temporarily before heading off to Iowa State and New York State.

For those who are looking to get into the contest, details can be found at Natty Light’s website after the Super Bowl.

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