When facing a large student loan, sometimes you have to get inventive. Well, that is exactly what NextGenVest saw as an opportunity to be a game-changer in the student loan industry. It's helping those who want to better themselves through education to pay off their loans sooner rather than later.

NextGenVest is a company that works with students to ensure they are getting the information they need in regards to finances, federal education loans, and private student loans.

The company saw the issues that many students face with conflicting information and a lack of access to sound financial advice for those looking for it. Thus, the company is built on providing money mentors that are trained financial experts and are available 24/7.

The company has three main pillars that it focuses on.

High School Students

For these students, NextGenVest focuses on financial literacy while helping the students fill out FAFSA paperwork, applying for colleges or universities, showing the students how to pick the right scholarships for their niches, and how to pick the right school. This kind of information is key to success, and with the easy to use the site, and social media-driven content, the average high schooler will benefit greatly from its great service.

College Students

Secondly, university students. As the second pillar, college students are the majority of the clientele for NextGenVest. However, that does not mean the services are any less important, in fact, they might be the most important. NextGenVest allows students to find out how to lower their student debt, how to build up their credit, and most importantly, how to budget. These are skills a student will use for life, and NextGenVest’s money mentors are truly breaking the barrier between financial knowledge and students.

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NextGenVest is one of the first companies to offer their services to teachers of both high schools and universities. The company offers a free webinar to teachers so they can help their students with the FAFSA, award letters, and student loans. Teachers can also request a free in-person workshop to come to their school that can help answer any questions students might have.

One great thing about NextGenVest is that it's a partially free to use platform. The texting services are free for all and can provide answers to tough questions in a pinch. That is why the money mentors are there, to be a source of information that students should be able to feel comfortable chatting to. It is not a parent or a teacher, but instead is a peer that will be able to relay important information that can not only be complicated but integral to the long-term success of a student.

The Impact of NextGenVest

At the moment, NextGenVest has been an influential company within the student loan industry. They have helped over 44,000 students, sent over 3 million text messages related to financial advice, secured over $39 million in financial aid for their clients, answered over 30,000 questions related to the FAFSA, and finally matched over 10,000 scholarships to deserving students.

The company has flourished and continues to assist both high school and university students in answering the questions they need to know. The company has further invigorated its content through innovate methods such as text messaging, social media, and in-person classes. This is the future of financial education, and NextGenVest is at the forefront of the industry.