It doesn’t take a genius to know how quickly out of hand student loan debt can become. Tony Aguilar would know, a graduate with a painful $100K in debt from college costs. A native Texan, Aguilar did everything he could to pay those monthly bills, as they ate up a huge chunk of his income for a good while.
Inspired both by personal struggle and his later service as a financial debt consultant for students paying back the loans, he decided enough was enough. A better solution had to exist, he figured, and so he created Student Loan Genius. The idea was pretty simple: a program that would help working students pay off their loan debt at a faster rate.
Co-founded in the Austin Texas area, the company has only been around a few years but has shown serious progress. Its service, which allows supporting companies to also pay into a student’s total loan amount, is utilized by over 47 businesses, according to reports. How the business itself proceeds varies, with some offering employee benefit packages and others offering practical advisement and payment bonuses, much like Mr. Aguilar intended. It’s all done through a program called “Genius Match” and has been met with success.
Now, of course, things are on the fast track to expansion. The Student Genius Loan program now also looks to help individuals save for retirement while still paying down loans, a highly productive goal for the future. According to the new plan, while the company still makes contributions to the student loan using the program, a smaller calculated percentage is also offered into a person’s 401K retirement plan. Aguilar mentions this is good as it encourages company loyalty and retention by businesses who utilize it.
Currently Student Loan Genius generates profit by charging businesses who use their service a fee. They currently report $3.1 million profit and plan to be investing this money back into infrastructure. Even more impressive is their total employee count, which only sits at 11 people. What else will they bring students in Austin? Only the future can tell, but we wager it will be good.

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