Financial aid can be any student's best friend if done right. There are countless opportunities for students when it comes to paying for college, but upcoming college students often can't get the drop on getting their fair share of financial aid. This report was put together to help college-bound freshmen to see which private schools offer the most financial aid to the next freshman class.

In this report, financial aid is defined as the average financial aid package awarded to needy, degree-seeking, first-time, full-time freshmen. All of the data pertains to private colleges specifically. All of the data was derived from Peterson's Financial Aid Data Set-2015. This also means that this data was collected from the schools themselves who self-report it to Peterson's.

At the Student Loan Report, ​one of our goals is to arm students and families with knowledge about the ins and outs of higher education. One extremely important aspect of college is financial aid because paying for college is expensive. This report offers a bit of insight on the opportunities available at private institutions in the United States.

You can find the top 250 private colleges that offer freshman the most financial aid ​below. Schools were ranked highest to lowest based on the average financial aid awarded per needy, full-time freshmen students.

Top 250 Private Colleges that Offer Freshmen the Most Financial Aid