Scholarships can be awarded for countless different achievements and for various skills and abilities. Some of those activities include art, theater, and music which are better known as the creative arts. For students looking to pursue a degree in one of these fields, a Creative Arts Scholarship would fit the bill.

​At the Student Loan Report, our focus is to help students and their families make the best financial decisions they can. On top of the resources and guides we offer, one of our endeavors revolves around packaging useful information to help college-bound students evaluate their prospects in higher education. This time around, we are focusing on free financial aid and the creative arts.

In this study, Peterson's Financial Data Set for the graduate class of 2015 was used to evaluate the top 250 private colleges that offer their student bodies the most creative arts scholarship money. All data published here is directly from Peterson's dataset which consists of self-reported data from the colleges themselves. In other words, the scholarship dollar values from each college are self-reported to and provided by Peterson's. Keep in mind that the values presented here refer to total aid awarded; it does not pertain to average scholarship aid per recipient.

If you are considering attending one of the universities listed below, then you may be able to take advantage of one or more generous creative arts scholarship opportunities. The schools on the list below are ranked in regards to scholarship aid offered for creative arts purposes.​ So, if you are interested in the creative arts, then you should check out the list below. You might find your preferred school on the list!

Top 250 Private Colleges That Offer Students the Most Creative Arts Scholarship Money