Financial aid is an important option all college bound students should check out. Whether it is a grant, scholarship, federal loan, private student loan, or state loan, the current cost of education is too high to not review these resources. 

At the Student Loan Report, we dedicate a lot of our time to educating students through resources and reports that cover financial aid and student loans. After all, paying for college is tough, and oftentimes, prospective students need to rely on financial aid in order to pay for college.

Using Peterson's Financial Aid Data set-2015, we evaluated which private colleges offered upperclassmen the most financial aid. In this report, financial aid refers to need-based aid from colleges, private third-party organizations, state governments, or the federal government.

​Below is a table of the top 250 private colleges that offer upperclassmen the most financial aid. The average financial aid awarded to upperclassmen was calculated by summing the average financial aid awarded to need-based juniors and need-based seniors. Schools were ranked highest to lowest based on this value. 

Top 250 Private Colleges that Offer Upperclassmen the Most Financial Aid