The cost of college is on the rise annually, and unfortunately, it doesn't seem interested in slowing down. The increasing costs associated with tuition, room & board, and even textbooks have certainly deterred teens with visions of earning a degree from achieving this very goal.

​For any student applying to a college or university, one of the first things that they should do is look for scholarships and other free financial relief. Don't set this aside because you think you won't get a scholarship; you'd be surprised at how many scholarship opportunities are out there.

Last year, it is estimated that high school graduates left more than $2.9 billion in free federal grant money on the table according to a study done by NerdScholar. If college students are this lackadaisical with scholarships, than an equally appalling statistics is to be expected. 

​Here at The Student Loan Report, we create resources and guides for students to make smarter financial decisions. This report was created to help students realize just how much scholarship money is awarded annually at certain schools. 

​The list below contains the top 250 private colleges and universities in terms of scholarships awarded according the Peterson's Financial Aid Data - 2015. Average Scholarship Aid per Undergrad refers to the average dollar amount awarded to only undergrads who received scholarships; it was calculated by dividing the total scholarship aid by the number of undergraduates who received a scholarship at a certain school.

Top 250 Private Colleges That Award the Most Scholarship Money