Student debt is a growing concern and is currently one of the greatest forms of consumer debt in the United States. There have been many attempts at stymieing the seemingly unstoppable trend of student debt, but finding an immediate solution is not as simple as it sounds. 

At the Student Loan Report, we create many financial minded studies aimed at providing students with knowledge that we could not find when we were enrolling in school. The purpose of these reports becomes more vital as the total student debt rises and the need for financial aid continues to grow.

This report looks into the least amount of private student debt in public colleges. Using Peterson's Financial Aid Data set-2015, we determined a list of the top 250 public colleges. Private student debt refers to loans taken out through private lenders.

The average debt per graduate was calculated by multiplying the percentage of students with private debt by the average private debt per borrower. This value was then sorted from lowest to highest to give us the overall rank for each school.​

Top 250 Public Colleges that Give Students the Least Private Student Debt