Applying to college is a long process in its own right, but one thing students often don't spend enough time on is their financial aid research. The cost of attending college varies considerably throughout the nation, but typically, you can expect it to be expensive. Knowing this, there are plenty of financial aid opportunities to keep an eye out for. This is especially important for incoming the Freshmen class, the most inexperienced when it comes to this topic. Many of them don't understand what sort of helpful opportunities are available.

In this report, financial aid is defined as the average financial aid package awarded to need-based, degree-seeking, full-time freshman. We were able to evaluate public colleges based on this metric using Peterson's Financial Aid Data Set-2015. All of the data in this report was self-reported by their respective colleges and provided by Peterson's. Each school was ranked from highest to lowest according to average financial aid awarded per need-based, full-time freshman.

Provided below is a table of the top 250 public colleges that offer freshman the most financial aid. Financial aid is a crucial tool for students looking to attend college, and the schools listed in this report presumably recognize its importance by increasing its availability. Feel free to search for your preferred college choice with the search bar. 

Top 250 Public Colleges that Offer Freshmen the Most Financial Aid