One of the most stressful and consequential decisions a looming college freshman can make is in regards to which specific higher education institution they will attend.

Do you want a big school or a small school? A school with great athletics or a school with quaint scenery? One that has a loosely regulated curriculum with plenty of unique courses or a highly specific school that urges students to concentrate on one subject area?

If you answered the former to each of those questions, than you most likely wish to attend a public institution. Public universities are known for their expansive campuses and student bodies, powerhouse football and basketball programs, and the freedom that they allow to students to find their academic calling.

Plus, there is one huge benefit to public colleges and universities: In-state or not, public colleges are often way cheaper for the student than are private institutions.

However, all things considered, public colleges are still expensive. Because of this, many undergraduate freshman will still depend on financial aid to begin their journey at the public institution of their choosing.

The Student Loan Report is here to tell you at which public colleges and universities can freshman undergraduate students expect to receive the most financial aid. We have done so by using Peterson's Financial Aid Dataset, which provides financial aid data self-reported by the respective higher education institutions.

Please keeping reading to discover the 250 public colleges and universities that have been recognized by The Student Loan Report as the public institutions that distribute the most financial aid to freshman students.  

Top 250 Public Schools for Freshman Financial Aid


The data used in this report was pulled using licensed data from Peterson's Financial Aid Dataset. These values pertain to the academic year of 2015 - 2016. The data used from Peterson's dataset are self-reported by the colleges themselves.

Each school in this report was ranked from highest to lowest based on the freshman financial aid awarded by the school.